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IDI (Internal Double Insulation) Technology Increases Tool Life Dramatically


Nothing shortens the lifespan of a tool faster than vibration. Hitachi addressed this common problem by developing a patented technology called IDI (Internal Double Insulation). This technology is incorporated to ensure that Hitachi Power Tools outlast the competition and exceed expectations.

In the world of power tools today, it is common to find companies that produce tools using similar materials and processes in order to come to market quickly and most cost effectively. As a result, you find similar tool offerings with very little distinction aside from tool color and brand recognition.

That is the case with most companies. Hitachi is not most companies. Tracing back to our roots, you learn that Hitachi’s founder Namihei Odaira passionately believed that he would create a company that would make some of the highest quality products in the world and also contribute to the further advancement of society by autonomously developing technology. This belief has persisted throughout decades at Hitachi. It is what inspires us to continually make improvements to our tools that will benefit their longevity and reliability.

An example of this technological advancement can be seen with Hitachi’s patented IDI (Internal Double Insulation) technology. Formerly, power tools were designed with metal bodies in order to add durability. They did just that, however they were also extremely dangerous, often shocking users. The common resolution in the power tool industry was to produce the housing out of plastic, which proved much safer, but less durable and less resistant to vibration. For Hitachi, that was not the appropriate solution. We wanted to have the durability characteristic of a metal housing, with the safety features of plastic. So IDI was born. The technology incorporates an aggressively designed aluminum housing that is intertwined with an injection molded inner nylon core providing the durability of metal body tools, with the double insulation characteristics of today’s tools with plastic housings. IDI technology dramatically increases the tool life by combining the positive characteristics of both metal and plastic into one tool. Vibration is less wearing on the tool and overall safety and reliability are significantly improved.

IDI Technology is being designed into Hitachi Power Tools. Currently, the G18MR and G23MR Grinders, DH40MR Rotary Hammer, and a host of other power tools feature this technology. They will outlast any competitive tool and exceed the user’s expectations each time.


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