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EC1110 5 Gallon Mini Wheelbarrow Compressor
The new EC1110 combines exceptional portability with consistent jobsite performance. The 1.6 horsepower, 15 amp motor delivers up to 145 PSI of pressure, to power through even the toughest fastening applications. The large 5 gallon tank is easy to transport with its 10" never flat wheel and dual retractable handles. With 2 universal couplers and fully adjustable regulator, the EC1110 offers both quality and convenience.
EC119 Portable 2.5 hp Peak Electric Air Compressor, Oil Lubricated

This portable compressor features a 4-gallon twin stack tank with control panel. The heavy-duty induction motor and cast iron cylinder pump combine for excellent dependability on the jobsite. Additional features including an onboard air-hose and cord wrap, simplify transportation.

EC119SA Twin-Stack Air Compressor with Control Panel and Couplers
Hitachiís new twin stack compressor features a large cast iron cylinder pump and a new protective roll cage designed to withstand demanding use on the jobsite. The EC119SA produces 5.3 cfm at 40 psi and 4 cfm at 100 psi. with a 4-gallon twin stack.
EC12Q1 Portable Electric 2hp Air Compressor, Oil Lubricated
The EC12Q1 2 Hp Air Compressor effectively provides air pressure sufficient to support any pneumatic air-nailer.
EC189 1.5hp Electric Air Compressor, Oil Lubricated
The EC189 features an 8 gallon wheelbarrow tank for multiple nail operation and a Cast Iron pump for long life and dependable air production. The low RPM, oil lubricated pump and ball bearing mounted crank shaft ensure dependable performance at the worksite.
EC2510E 5.5 HP Gas Engine Powered Air Compressor

The EC2510E combines contractor grade quality with simplified operation. Designed to work day-in and day-out, this compressor provides plenty of air and cycles from 116 PSI to a maximum of 145 PSI so it turns on well before tools requirements are compromised.

EC25E 6.5 HP Gas Air Compressor, Oil Lubricated
Hitachi adds a new TWIST to its line of air compressors with its gas powered air compressor, which boasts a Honda engine and can deliver 9 cubic feet per minute of air at 100 pounds per square inch.
EC510 6 Gallon Oil Free Pancake Compressor
The EC510 6-gallon pancake compressor is ideal for finish work and trim. The oil-free pump is capable of producing 2 cfm @ 90 PSI and 145 PSI of max working pressure. The two universal quick couplers and easy turn drain valve make the EC510 convenient, while the compact, lightweight design ensures easy portability. By including a 25ft 1/4" diameter PVC hose with 1/4" NPT plug and coupler, this unit is ready right out of the box.
EC89 4 Gallon Twin Stack Compressor
The new EC89 twin stack compressor features an oil-lubricated cast iron pump and 13 Amp direct-drive induction motor for long life. Weighing just 57 lbs, the EC89 comes with an ergonomic carrying handle, making it easy to transport to any job site.
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